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High School Senior Photography information for nebraska teens

Senior year of high school is not only an important time for the student, but for the parents as well. I want to make the transition of your teen soon-to-be-adult a little less stressful so allow me to capture their favorite memories of their high school years. I really want to get to know the teen, find out what types of events they're involved in. I like to make the sessions fun and relate closely to what your teen loves. Basically, I want to discover WHO your teen is and then portray that through their pictures. 

At Dirt Road Photography, we specialize in capturing photos of your senior year. We like to take the time to enjoy the sunsets on our farm near Dorchester, Nebraska and take pictures of you doing what you love best. Sometimes that includes football, volleyball or other sports. Sometimes it includes your band or music career. Whatever it is that sets you apart, we’re ready to highlight it and celebrate your last year of high school.


The High School senior experience in Nebraska

Pre Photo Consultation for Senior Photo session

This is the best time to tell me exactly what you want with your session! Start thinking ahead of time what your ideal location and style is. Once you've got a location start looking at clothing inspiration. Always keep in mind that layers work awesome to switch up your look quickly without wasting time changing full outfits. A week or so before we'll follow up with discussing clothing options and have you send me images of what you've selected to ensure we're on the same page with everything. I'll keep an eye on the weather as well to make sure we have beautiful skies and perfect sunsets.

Senior Picture Session Shoot Day!

It's shooting day! Just relax and be ready to have fun! I will give you tons of ideas and direction throughout your session so no prior modeling needed. ;) I find that the best photos are the candid ones that happen between the posed ones, we'll make sure you're comfortable and relaxed, even if it means me making fun of myself. If there is something specific you want, make sure you let me know ahead of time so we can arrange it. Parents are of course welcome and are actually encouraged to help you feel more comfortable and we want them to feel included in the process as well!

Photo Viewing & product Ordering after your session with dirt road photography

After your photo session, you’ll schedule your viewing and ordering session. This typically takes place 1-2 weeks after your session and is held at our home located in Wilber, Nebraska. During your ordering session you will view all of your edited and re-touched images as well as the different prints and products that we can create with your images. This is where your photos come to life and we get to create custom photo books for your friends to look at and your family to love. I will help walk you through the process and collections as well as give you descriptions of products and suggest what fits best for your session style. We can work with a variety of budgets to accommodate and make your session memorable. This is the perfect time to purchase gifts to cherish for a lifetime! 

Senior PHOTOGRAPHY Investment 

Senior session photography fees start at $200. Products and prints from session start at $100.

Total investment for a senior session is customizable to your needs and budget.

Typical investment ranges from $500-$900. For more information and pricing contact for details.

High School Senior photo sessions can be taken at one of our many farm locations near Dorchester, Nebraska or can be off location if you have somewhere special to you!


We just filled our Rep Team for the Class of 2020 and cannot wait to share the details with all of you! Get to know the girls and watch the fun of our rep team unfold. From our snow session photos to girls night out getting nails done and eating popcorn, we cannot wait to show you all the fun these girls are having. There are so many perks of joining our team so if you’re a junior at a high school in Nebraska, keep an eye out, we want YOU on our team!


High school senior Referral Program

Get Senior Photos Taken + Earn Credit

Wouldn’t it be great to get your photos taken AND earn credit to spend on products or digital files? Wouldn’t your parents love for you to get discounts?! (of course they would, trust me) Anyone who needs senior pictures knows that the one thing most people don’t think about are the costs associated with those beautiful portraits that are created by photographers. Here at Dirt Road Photography located near Dorchester, Nebraska we have just that in mind and created something that helps boost your incentive to share your experience with friends.

Get $100 Credit & Give $100 Discount on senior session

The Referral Program is exactly what you need!! Our referral program offers incentives to refer friends and earn dollar credits! Which means you get to make the most of your senior year and have fun during your senior session all while maximizing your budget. Here’s how it works. You refer senior friends and you get $100 in print credit to apply towards your session. The person you refer also gets $100 off their session fee! So basically, you both win! Class of 2020, it’s time to start sending your senior friends our way. We want all of you to celebrate discounts and reap the rewards!

Simple. Easy. Referrals.

When they book all they have to do is mention that you referred them and then you'll automatically have a credit sitting on your account waiting for you. They will also get that discount applied right away for their session fee. *Referral must book and complete session in order for you to get the credit. The credit will be confirmed once the person you've referred has completed their session. The person you referred MUST mention you before they complete their session. If the session is completed and then your name is mentioned, it doesn’t count. Rewards are not transferable between people.


I’m so excited you’re here! I’m a photographer located in rural southeast Nebraska who specializes in Senior Portraits, Family Photos and Children’s Sessions. My absolute favorite time of the year is fall and it’s not uncommon to find me listening to Christmas music year round!



Behind the scenes of our senior photo shoot


Want to see a full gallery from a senior session? Check them out below!