nebraska group family portrait sessions in dorchester, NE

Your family has grown and it's been eight years since you had your last family pictures taken. I hear this all too often!! You’re favorite uncle is missing more hair than your last family photo and you’ve had three or four new cousin’s welcomed into the family, yes, it’s officially time to update those pictures at grandma’s house! Not everyone can make it back to Nebraska for family reunions easily but when they do, make sure you take advantage of it!! Another thing I quite often hear is that you’ve added several family members and the kiddos have grown so much, and the last time you remember taking a family photo was at your cousin’t graduation but some of the family couldn’t make it back to town so you’re missing a few. It’s officially time to update those walls with new pictures!! Let's capture some fun memories of the kids interacting with the grandparents as well as some formal shots of everyone. Trust me when I tell you, family photos are one investment you will never regret. Accidents can happen, grandparents aren’t growing any younger and soon, young cousins will be going to college making schedules even harder to find a time to get together and have everyone home for one formal family photo. Reach out and contact us to book a family session. Gift the session to grandparents and they’ll tell you all the time it’s the best present you’ve ever given them. We’d love to host your family at one of our farms near Dorchester, Nebraska or we’ve got several other locations that could work around the Crete and Wilber, NE area if that’s closer for your family pictures to be taken at. Whatever works, we want to accommodate and create memories for your future family photos that will hang in your homes. Our favorite part about group or generation family photo sessions is getting all the cousins to sit still for one quick photo together and watching all the candid interaction between grandparents and grandkids. Plus, when’s the last time all the aunts and uncles took a picture together? High school?! I bet you’re right! Stand behind Kelsey (the photographer) and make silly faces at crazy Uncle Joe to force him to smile! :P