Transformation Photoshop Editing // Noah Beck // Wilber-Clatonia High School // Southeast Nebraska Photographer

Every once in awhile, I like to share a behind the scenes look at the editing process so clients can see truly how much magic goes into the edit of your images. It’s not a drag and drop quick change and sometimes I can put hours into editing a session. I just hope others enjoy the images as much as I do capturing them and processing to create the magic I first see when I’m taking them!

So. To break down a little more what I all did while editing this picture (cause hey, I know some photographers are on here and want to learn too!). I first always cull my images in Adobe Bridge software. I star rate my top favs and what I plan to edit. Then as I edit, I change the star rating so I can see progress and know what I have left. After sorting, I pull into Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and start working in there. Lighting, I adjusted the exposure, upped the contrast slightly, pulled the highlights down a little, lighted up the shadows, bumped the clarity a tad bit. I also did a slight bit of sharpening (I typically sharpen in Photoshop instead of in ACR). That’s the basics of my edit. From there I pull into Photoshop and will run a few actions as needed depending on what I want the final outcome to look like.

There it is. There’s my workflow on an image! Sometimes I will batch edit the ACR files because I shoot with the same settings and then will tweak individual’s as needed but I try to keep my workflow consist and quick paced. These are the basic editing that happens to all files clients see. Since I do IPS (in person sales) with my clients, I do 90% editing before they view images and then smooth skin, remove minor blemishes and liquify as needed once we choose which images you want to purchase. That saves me the extra time working on details that aren’t necessary.

I hope this is helpful. And, as always, if you have questions drop them in the comments or email me! I have been tossing around the idea of a few business geared mentoring or workshops and would love to know if people would be interested in that. I feel there are so many fantastic other photographers out there that can offer posing or editing but I don’t see a ton of things about running your business so this is something that’s really important to me.

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Nebraska Photographer :: Zoubek :: Wilber-Clatonia High School Senior :: Wilber, Nebraska :: Sneak Peek

Home girl Bre Zoubek is killing it when it came to repping the class of 2019! Also, HUGE thank you for participating in our Senior Model Rep team, you literally are amazing girlfriend! Keep an eye for more sneaks coming soon but literally, there’s so many I’m excited to share, you’ll have a hard time deciding like me ;)

High School Senior Session // Chase Wittenhagen // Pius X High School // Southeast Nebraska Photographer

I was over the moon excited when I got a call from the Wittenhagen family letting me know that Chase wanted to book his senior session with me. But once the excitement wore off, I realized it was such a bittersweet feeling for me to see the final kiddo graduating high school. I’ve know the Wittenhagen crew for going on almost five years now and they’ve been there the first few years I was growing and learning as a business. I remember when Chase’s brother Layne was a senior and their first visit out to the farm we chatted about his future plans. Then, a short year later, his sister, Haeley came out. We also chatted about future plans, and even included siblings and grandma in some photos as well that year. Then, a year passed, I kept track of the family through social media, and I missed seeing them. Hearing updates and thrills on new kiddos accomplishments. It’s been such a fun time working with them.


I think what I love most about photographing high school seniors is getting to talk with them. Learn about their future plans and goals. Talk about all of their accomplishments throughout school and what they’re doing to make the most of time during their senior year. Laugh about the funny memories with friends or even jokes they’ve played. I love getting to compare each school system and what rules they have. Sometimes I find myself amazed with certain things they can get away with now (cough, phones in class).

Chase is attending Pius X High School located in Lincoln, Nebraska and is part of the Class of 2019. I love that he isn’t afraid to be spontaneous and go trekking to go find new locations that are unique for his session out on the farm. We tried our best to go to different spots than his siblings so everything would be new. While talking to Chase, I learned he plans on going on after school to join the Navy. And I am so proud of him for that.

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know Chase and his family and I wish him nothing but the best in life after high school. Thank you so much for choosing me to be your senior photographer! I hope your family enjoys the pictures as much as I do! Thanks again!


If you're interested in booking a senior portrait session check out the HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR INFORMATION page! 

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Nebraska Photographer :: Milestone Six Month Session :: Lainey :: Dorchester, Nebraska :: Sneak Peek

Eeek little sis Lainey came in for her six month milestone session and she is so adorbs!! I am dying over her cuteness! She sat and smiled so perfect, cheesing it up and being such a ham. We even got her in this cute little lace romper with my favorite neutral tones and soft fluffy’s for her to play with. It was such a perfect and fun time. ;)

Nebraska Photographer :: Brown :: Fairbury High School Senior :: Dorchester, Nebraska :: Sneak Peek

Oh. My. Gosh. Destiny is stunning and absolutely gorgeous! I went straight home and started sorting images from her senior session that we held on the farm near Dorchester, Nebraska and couldn’t stop!! Destiny goes to Fairbury High School and I’m so grateful she decided to venture out and come visit to mix it up and get a different look than everyone else from her school. She’s supppper cute, mega kind and looked absolutely amazing! Literally, so excited to share more, but for now, the sneak will tide you guys over ;)

Nebraska Photographer :: Baehr :: Wilber-Clatonia High School Senior :: Wilber, Nebraska :: Sneak Peek

Hayden’s laughter is contagious! He invited me to his farm near Clatonia, Nebraska and I couldn’t turn it down. Here is southeast Nebraska, anytime someone offers me a fresh farm to shoot at, I allllways agree and get excited! So we walked around his grandparents farm, looking at the barns, bins and cattle pens. We checked the beans and even climbed around hay bales. Then, he took me to this magical field where there were fresh alfalfa bales waiting for us. The sun fell perfectly and the perfect mist settled into the air. We got lots of giggles as we sat around the bales and brought out his trap shooting metals. It was seriously, so much fun!

Nebraska Photographer :: Schmitt :: Wilber-Clatonia High School Senior :: Wilber, Nebraska :: Sneak Peek

Conner has made me laugh and is such a fantastic kid who goes to Wilber-Clatonia High School and is active in so many activities. From Cross Country to Swing Choir, he’s constantly busy and I totally admire how much effort he puts into the community. At his senior session we got busy having fun on the farm, practically going “mudding” getting to a location for some fishing pictures and even pulling his four wheeler out! There’s nothing more exciting than hanging out with kiddos and learning what their future plans are. I have no doubt Conner will do magical things in the future, he is such a great leader!

High School Senior Session // Tara Schroeder // Fairbury High School // Southeast Nebraska Photographer

When Tara Schroeder contacted me planning out her senior session I knew we would create something magical. Little did I know, she’d invite me down to Fairbury, Nebaska and we’d have so much fun and she’d show me so many unique and beautiful locations! From totally urban buildings, to pretty brick alleys and even the Fairbury High School football stadium. All of it was so pretty and a fantastic change up for me so I wasn’t shooting my same old farm looks.


Tara is a senior at Fairbury High School and is active in softball and cheerleading. When I asked her what she does for fun she said her and her friends enjoy hanging out down at the river, going shopping and spending time around bonfires. I love that she enjoys the country life and also likes horses so that’s always an easy way for me to connect with my seniors. I found it hilarious when I asked what is one thing that people might not know about you and she said she doesn’t like cats. Girlfriend, so much me too (allergies can do that to ya)! Thanks again for trusting me to capture your most precious high school memories of your senior year. I cannot wait to meet the rest of your family here shortly for your family session!


If you're interested in booking a senior session check out the HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR INFORMATION page! 

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Nebraska Photographer :: Wittenhagen :: Pius X High School Senior :: Lincoln, Nebraska :: Sneak Peek

I’ve literally watched Chase grow these past four years and every single time I watch one of the Wittenhagen kids graduate I know it’s one day closer to not getting to see them all the time. It’s official, their last senior is graduating!! Chase came out to the farm near Wilber, Nebraska to shoot in the same locations as his older brother and sister. We did a little bit of hiking through some tall grass to get to an old abandoned car but I think it was totally worth it once we saw the sun shining through perfectly! Thank you Chase for visiting with me, super proud that you’re going into the Navy. Cannot wait to see what you do and the places you go in life!

And to compare and throw back a little. Check out how Layne, Haeley and Chase all compare! It’s kind of fun to re-create the same poses with siblings ;)

Fall Outfit Inspiration

It’s finally fall! And with fall comes the exciting family picture planning but the dreaded searching for the perfect outfit. Look no further and let us take the stress away from it! We’ve created the perfect mix and match stylized board for you to check out with outfits for your whole family.

We tried to create outfits that can easily be dressed up with accessories or dressed down for a more relaxed, laid back feel. We also included plenty of outfits that can be re-worn for daily use do you don’t feel guilty purchasing all new outfits for your session. ;)

Think Patterns.

When picking out your outfits consider choosing one or two patterns and try to keep everything else fairly basic. Think less patterns more textures. What that means is choose maybe one floral shirt or even maybe a little dress for your baby and then pick some textures to mix in. Dad in half zip pullover sweater, brother in a waffle knit shirt with potentially a puffy vest. Mom could toss on a flowy top and a cardigan. Toss in some accessories, (check out Madison + Barrett Jewelry, they’re always my go to for accessories!) and you have yourself outfits that are picture perfect!!!

What I typically do (and let’s be honest, it’s because I always over-shop) is I like to purchase 2-3 options for each person. I then bring it all home and lay it out. I pick my favorite outfit for each person and lay them all together to see what they look like. If something looks off, I go to the second option that I purchased for them. Sometimes that means swapping out dad’s shirt so we don’t have two button up shirts or maybe switching the babies vest so we aren’t all wearing vests. Then I pull accessories and shoes. Boys are fairly easy but us girls always have too many options. ;) Think cute wedges for yourself, maybe your little girl have some taller boots and the babies always look cute in moccasins. Once you’ve got what you think finalized, put them aside for a few days and then pull it out to look again. You’ll have a fresh eye for them and really it’ll help you decide for sure that you love it.


So that’s it. Now you can stop stressing about outfits! Focus instead of then fun you’ll have during your session. And as always, send us your outfit choices! The more we plan ahead, the less you’ll have to prepare the day of. We love taking a look at outfits, it truly helps us feel inspired to scout locations that’ll flow with your theme and colors. Reach out if you want help with specific styling, we’re all about using what you already might have so you don’t need to purchase all new outfits either of course!

(*We tried our best to create only links of clothing that will stay in stock for awhile. While boutiques have super cute and stylish options, sometimes the stock doesnt stay for very long but we always recommend shopping local and supporting the small business’ around you!)

Nebraska Photographer :: Vlasak :: Wilber-Clatonia High School Senior :: Wilber, Nebraska :: Sneak Peek

Little sneak peek inside Seth’s senior portrait session! His dad brought this classic Ford out and we couldn’t help but snap a few (ok a lot) of shots with it! Seth, you truly are a fantastic kiddo and it’s been great getting to know you. Can’t wait to dig into your session to work on editing more of these. Southeast Nebraska sure does have some amazing locations including this one outside of Clatonia, Nebraska where we took some his senior photos.

High School Senior Session // Noah Jacobsen // Wilber-Clatonia High School // Southeast Nebraska Photographer

I absolutely LOVE when my seniors tell me they’ve got some ideas planned for their session. Noah did just that. He asked us to meet at his grandparents farm east of Wilber near Clatonia, Nebraska. And let me tell you, when I got there, I was in Heaven!! Nothing says welcome to southeast Nebraska quite like a farm session for a high school senior!


Between the barns, baby calves and the International Scout truck/jeep. I was totally happy and more than ready to get to work and start taking photos for him! Noah showed me around the farm, including introducing me to the piggy friends, of course all the cows and then even the other animals that were walking around. We stopped petting animals long enough to get some portraits but as always, I love getting to know my families as I shoot. I think it’s really fun he also included his grandpa’s tractor. Something about old tractors truly make me appreciate all of our modern equipment as well as get super sentimental that students want to include their families heritage. The big red barn screamed at my soul of course. ;)


If you're interested in booking a senior session check out the HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR INFORMATION page! Want to get a discounted session?

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Nebraska Photographer :: Kubicek :: Wilber-Clatonia High School Senior :: Wilber, Nebraska :: Sneak Peek

I am DYING to share these images. Lizzie is such a strong leader and I am so proud I’ve gotten to watch her grow up. Truly, she is so strong! The light leaks, the sunflare, the laughter, the movement. I loved everything about these shots and I think you’ll love them too ;)

Nebraska Photographer :: Schroeder :: Fairbury High School Senior :: Fairbury, Nebraska :: Sneak Peek

Tara invited me down to Fairbury to see what her gorgeous downtown streets looked like. I'd say they didn't dissapoint and it was great to mix it up a little and work in locations that I don't normally work with! Cannot wait to share more from her session.


To book a session please contact us!
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2018 Corn Field Mini Sessions // Southeast Nebraska Photographer

My absolute favorite mini sessions of the year are approaching and I am so excited to start booking them again! Corn fields are a big portion of what keeps us busy in the fall here in southeast Nebraska and I love getting to highlight it by shooting kiddos around the corn field. Wheather it be a red Case IH tractor or a green John Deere the debate has been around for ages, and as much as I favor my red/blue tractors, I'm not too picky when it comes to letting kids play with the toy ones. So, bring your favorite toy tractors, we'll have a few for them to sit on and let's get some fun images of them in the fall!!

Location - TBA (this will be a last minute type location (because we're not sure what corn will be picked by then, but it will be around the Wilber/Dorchester, NE area) 

Price - $125

September 16th - This is the only day I will be running these mini sessions. 

30 Minute Sessions - I will run the sessions in 30 minute increments to allow time to prep for the next kids to arrive. Please arrive at the time we agreed upon to ensure we don't get behind!

5 Digital Download Images - Your session fee includes FIVE digital files for you to download off your gallery from the website once the session is complete. I will also include additional files you're welcome to upgrade and purchase if you'd like. These are totally optional but they're there if you'd like them! There will also be exclusively discounted products that you're welcome to add-on and purchase as well. 

Photo Print Release - A photo print release is included in your digital download so you can print your images anywhere but I recommend purchasing prints through a quality print lab to ensure the beautiful pictures you paid for can live up to their full potential.

Email me at with your preferred time slot to book your spot! Only 6 spots available and these are a steal!

5:30 pm - 
6:00 pm - 
6:30 pm - Mindy Burns
7:00 pm - Stauffer

Invoices must be payed within 24 hours to reserve your spot.

*Should weather cause issues I will notify everyone as soon as possible for the reschedule date. I will not be giving a full refund to those who cannot make the reschedule date work, but you will receive what you spent as a credit to use towards another session as long as it's used within six months of booking date.


To book a session please contact us!
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Southeast Nebraska Photographer :: Wehner Family :: Crete, Nebraska :: Sneak Peek

I've shot a few families with sets of twins. But I haven't shot a family with multiple sets of twins! It's been a joy catching up with the Wehner family and seeing how quickly their kiddos have changed in the past two years. As much of a challenge as getting everyone looking is, I'm willing to bet we've got some great ones to pick from! Thanks for coming out to the farm Wehner family.

SE Nebraska Photographer :: Reetz Family :: Crete, Nebraska :: Sneak Peek

What a fun evening spent on the farm with the Reetz family! I couldn't stop giggling and absolutely loved how much the kiddos truly loved playing and laughing with each other! We ended the session with a dirt road, a dusty sunset and some pretty bean fields. The kids all did so great and I'm so happy to share some more from their session here soon!!

2018 Cutest Kid Contest :: Dirt Road Photography :: Southeast Nebraska Photographer

It's August which means we're going to be running our Cutest Kid Contest again this year! We absolutely loved see all of the adorable submissions from last year so we're going to go ahead and create another contest to see how much those cuties have grown as well as see some new faces.


E-mail us your entries at and follow the directions as listed below.

The photo with the most votes/”likes” will receive a free mini session with five digital images included! The photo with the most "shares" will receive a 25% discount off a session fee from a session of their choice.

- Accepting photo submissions from August 1st - 14th. 

-- Voting will be from August 15th - 29th.

--- Winner will be announced August 31st.

Check out last years contestants, we cannot wait to see all of this years submissions!


- Photo’s submitted cannot be taken by a professional photographer
- Free session does not apply to any booked or past sessions
- Previous contest winners cannot participate
- Free session applies to children or family session only
- A fee may apply for any winner with over five people
- Free session must be redeemed by December 31st, 2018
- Digital download five images and limited print release is included
- Winner has the option to upgrade the session to include a full session

Nebraska Photographer :: Watson :: High School Senior :: Scotts Bluff, Nebraska :: Sneak Peek
 dirt-road-photography-scotts-bluff-nebraska-southeast-photographer-family-farm-cows-grass-sunshine-sunflare-haybales-girl-senior-high-school-wilber-southeast-nebraska-photgrapher-photography Midwest Nebraska Photographer, Midwest Photographer, Nebraska Newborn Session, Nebraska Farm Photographer, Newborn newborn, Baby newborn, Nebraska Newborn Pictures, Baby Pictures, Newborn Pictures, Baby Sleeping Pictures, Nebraska Photographer, Nebraska Newborn Photographer, Nebraska Family Photographer, Nebraska Senior Photographer, Nebraska Child Photographer, Wilber Nebraska, Dorchester Nebraska, Crete Nebraska, Friend Nebraska, DeWitt Nebraska, Plymouth Nebraska, Roca Nebraska, Sprague Nebraska, Martell Nebraska, Kramer Nebraska, Lincoln Nebraska, Milford Nebraska, Wilber Nebraska Photographer, Dorchester Nebraska Photographer, Crete Nebraska Photographer, Friend Nebraska Photographer, DeWitt Nebraska Photographer, Plymouth Nebraska Photographer, Roca Nebraska Photographer, Sprague Nebraska Photographer, Martell Nebraska Photographer, Kramer Nebraska Photographer, Lincoln Nebraska Photographer, Milford Nebraska Photographer

I am dying to share the rest of her session, they were all so beautiful and we laughed out of dilerium from the heat. Magically, we survived and Atley is going to have some pretty sweet photos to take back home with her! 


To book a session please contact us!
Dirt Road Photography
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