Client Closet for Nebraska Family & High School Seniors photo sessions

Everyone of course wants to feel special and GORGEOUS for your pictures. I get that! But sometimes, after scheduling a session and budgeting what you want to spend on prints and products that leaves you with a tiny amount to spend on clothes to get dressed up for your sessions. That’s why we now offer a Client Closet that ANYONE is welcome to borrow from!! I wanted to offer something totally unique to my business that would help clients save money in the long run, but also help them to look their very best for their pictures. Which is why I have been curating like crazy for the past six months, and I’m happy to say I finally have a growing client closet for my clients to choose from.

Q&A about our closet


It’s basically exactly what it sounds like. A wardrobe that’s a curated collection of outfits that we have picked specifically to help our clients look amazing for their sessions! We tried our best to choose items that go with our business branding but also will flatter everyone along with being stylish while staying classic and timeless. You just let us know what you’d like to borrow, use it for your session, and then return it! We’ll do the washing of the items so they’re fresh and ready for the next person.


It really ranges pending on what you’re looking for. Since we have everything from maternity gowns, to newborn outfits even six month or toddler sized outfits it’s hard to give specific sizes but take a look at our collection and if you find something you love, we can absolutely give you specific sizes of those outfits! Also, we’re slowly (but surely!) growing our senior wardrobe and closet as well, check back in and we’ll announce those goodies hopefully later this year!!


Yup! It’s that simple! We all seem to only wear our clothes (more specifically fancy ones for pictures) only once or twice for big events anyway, so why not save yourself a little cash and just borrow a cute outfit?! I mean, come on, it’s a bonus way of spending more on buying the actual pictures!


Oh man, well, let’s be honest, some of them are also my personal ones I borrow for fancy days. But we do have several outfits from local boutiques as well! Our favorite stores include boutique styled clothing, Vici, Zara, American Eagle, Forever 21, Gap, Old Navy and of course anything boho vibes for our seniors!!

Do You ever get new clothes?

We’re always curating and updating our client wardrobe (and praying no one sees my piles of hoarded clothes.) I’m trying to get everything I’ve got “in stock” up and on the site so you can see it all but be patient, it’ll take awhile to get it all photographed and uploaded! If anyone wants to donate to our Client Closet we’re always accepting donations!

Women’s Closet

Maternity Closet

(A lot of our womens clothing can be worn for maternity as we tend to go with flowing styles so if you see something feel free to ask and try it on, you might be surprised!)

Newborn Closet

Baby Closet

Toddler Closet

Wish List

Here’s a fun little section where we’ll post some of our favs that we’d LOVE to add to our closet. If you purchase something specifically from the items listed and are willing to allow us to keep it please let us know and we’ll credit your account for prints/products with proof of receipt! For more details email us and we’ll explain ;)