Fall Outfit Inspiration

It’s finally fall! And with fall comes the exciting family picture planning but the dreaded searching for the perfect outfit. Look no further and let us take the stress away from it! We’ve created the perfect mix and match stylized board for you to check out with outfits for your whole family.

We tried to create outfits that can easily be dressed up with accessories or dressed down for a more relaxed, laid back feel. We also included plenty of outfits that can be re-worn for daily use do you don’t feel guilty purchasing all new outfits for your session. ;)

Think Patterns.

When picking out your outfits consider choosing one or two patterns and try to keep everything else fairly basic. Think less patterns more textures. What that means is choose maybe one floral shirt or even maybe a little dress for your baby and then pick some textures to mix in. Dad in half zip pullover sweater, brother in a waffle knit shirt with potentially a puffy vest. Mom could toss on a flowy top and a cardigan. Toss in some accessories, (check out Madison + Barrett Jewelry, they’re always my go to for accessories!) and you have yourself outfits that are picture perfect!!!

What I typically do (and let’s be honest, it’s because I always over-shop) is I like to purchase 2-3 options for each person. I then bring it all home and lay it out. I pick my favorite outfit for each person and lay them all together to see what they look like. If something looks off, I go to the second option that I purchased for them. Sometimes that means swapping out dad’s shirt so we don’t have two button up shirts or maybe switching the babies vest so we aren’t all wearing vests. Then I pull accessories and shoes. Boys are fairly easy but us girls always have too many options. ;) Think cute wedges for yourself, maybe your little girl have some taller boots and the babies always look cute in moccasins. Once you’ve got what you think finalized, put them aside for a few days and then pull it out to look again. You’ll have a fresh eye for them and really it’ll help you decide for sure that you love it.


So that’s it. Now you can stop stressing about outfits! Focus instead of then fun you’ll have during your session. And as always, send us your outfit choices! The more we plan ahead, the less you’ll have to prepare the day of. We love taking a look at outfits, it truly helps us feel inspired to scout locations that’ll flow with your theme and colors. Reach out if you want help with specific styling, we’re all about using what you already might have so you don’t need to purchase all new outfits either of course!

(*We tried our best to create only links of clothing that will stay in stock for awhile. While boutiques have super cute and stylish options, sometimes the stock doesnt stay for very long but we always recommend shopping local and supporting the small business’ around you!)